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Your rotors have to withstand high centrifugal forces?
You want to verify calculations for the plastic deformation of rotordynamically loaded components?

We are your reliable partner

For more than 10 years we have been carrying out burst tests or cyclic endurance tests for our customers on rotordynamic components, especially on compressor or turbine wheels.

We already cooperate successfully with many well-known manufacturers from the following areas

  • Automotive industry, especially its suppliers,
  • Aerospace,
  • Development of electric machines,
  • Plant engineering and construction,
  • Air conditioning and
  • Environmental technology.

Our knowledge and the results achieved serve, among other things, as a basis for decisions on questions from both, development and quality management.


We operate vertical centrifugal test benches of various sizes *:

Data of the test benches with PL4 gearbox:

  • Max. rotor diameter: 900 mm or 475 mm
  • Max. rotor mass: 10 kg
  • Max. rotor length: 650 mm or 520 mm
  • Max. test speed: 300.000 rpm
  • Cycles with up to 100 speed steps programmable
  • Achievable vacuum < 0.1 mbar

Data of the test bench with PL6 gearbox:

  • Max. rotor diameter: 750 mm
  • Max. rotor mass: 50 kg
  • Max. rotor length: 400 mm
  • Max. test speed: 125.000 rpm
  • Achievable vacuum < 1 mbar

* only maximum values are indicated here. We will be happy to check individually whether your desired test is possible.

We can prepare rotors up to 15 kg or 50 kg for the tests with our balancing machines.

The close cooperation with our partners also allows tightly organized and on-schedule processes.


Our centrifugation tests for all rotating components give you the opportunity to test your designs under real conditions of centrifugal force and to determine safety factors.
With these tests we can identify problem areas in advance, which will protect you from damage under product liability.

For this purpose we carry out the following types of tests, for example:

  • Burst or overspeed tests,
  • Gradual expansion attempts,
  • Long cyclic fatigue test (Lcf) or
  • Testing of burst protection structures.

In close cooperation with our customers

  • we carry out the necessary rotordynamic calculations,
  • we develop the adaptation of your rotor,
  • we provide all necessary components,
  • we record the desired data and
  • we ensure a safe test procedure in our test stands.

The basic conditions of the centrifuging tests can be modified according to customer requirements, e.g. by

  • a homo- or heterogeneous temperature gradient in the rotor,
  • a defined pre-damage on the test specimen,
  • dynamic, non-contact distance measurement,
  • a tactile measurement, before and after a test run or
  • crack detection, non-destructive component testing becomes possible (for test series).
With a high-speed camera, the bursting of the rotor can be recorded if necessary (PL4 only).

Do you have another wish? We will find a solution for you.


Benefit from our experience and own developments around vertical spin test stands.

We provide you with our self-tested spare and wear parts, such as

  • Sleeve bearings (shafts with ⌀ = 4 mm),
  • Seals,
  • Damping units,
  • Gearing parts for planetary gearboxes (shafts with ⌀ = 4 mm),
  • Temperature sensors and
  • much more, which is necessary to operate an centrifugal test stand.

We offer many spare parts within the scope of a repair of your gearbox.

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